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T's and C's 

The icky business stuff.

Please see our terms and conditions that we operate when offering our services, whether our services are for weddings, events or special occasions. Whilst we know this side of things is not so exciting when planning your event, we appreciate you need to understand how we operate to ensure you get the professional service you require. 


Karen Chesters Hair and Make Up Artist Bookings.

Our terms and conditions are set out to be clear and transparent, for the client receiving services and service provider.

Karen Chesters Hair and Make Up Artist,
TWorld Studio, 
Unit 3, Weeford Workshops,
Hungry Lane,
Ws14 OPR.

Once an agreement to proceed and make a booking, a non-refundable booking fee is required. Upon receipt of the non-refundable booking fee you accept and understand that you are entering into a contract. By understanding the terms and conditions of entering this contract you agree to be bound by the conditions outlined below.

Company:  Karen Chesters Hair and Make Up Artist.
Client: the recipient is the name listed on the invoice.
Services: These are the specified services listed on the pricing page.
Fee: The value/amount payable by the client to the company for the specified services listed on the pricing page.
Agreement: The  agreement is the contract that is bound and exists between the client and the company for the agreed fee.
Function/Event: In principal to the date and venue whereby the function/event or wedding occurs.
Party: This refers to any additional guests of the function or event that require services on the day the event occurs.  

Reservations and security when booking your event. 
With all bookings a non-refundable booking fee is required. The amount of the non-refundable booking fee is dependent on the value, services and how many artists are required for your booking. All clients will be advised on the non-refundable booking fee due when a booking and quotation is discussed between the client and the company. No bookings are taken without a non-refundable booking fee but once the booking fee has been received your booking is secure and final. 
Should you wish to continue with your booking after your trial further payments will be due on your trial date and 4 weeks before your event date. The payments will be 50% of your total balance on your trial date and 50% 4 weeks before your big day. In the event the trial date is within the 4-week period prior to the event date the balance must be paid in full at the time of your trial.


If a trial only is booked and the client has not totally reserved the actual event date we cannot guarantee your date will be available, it is essential to book your trial date alongside the date of the event. 

In the event you require a second trial this will incur further costs at the same rate as stated on our pricing page. 
Trials booked are for a maximum of 2 looks. If you require more looks further trials should be booked. 

Quotation and price.
Once an event have been quoted and an agreement has been made between the company and the client all prices will be honoured and no price increases will affect your booking.
Additional services or additional party members added to your booking will incur the fees stated on our pricing page.

Accepted payment methods.

The company accept debit/credit card payments alongside bank transfer. These methods are the preferred methods. We do not accept PayPal or cash. If your balance is not met within the specified payment period as stated on your agreement, sadly your date will be released. 

Client consultations and client responsibility.

We endeavour to consult with clients to ensure they have no contra indications or allergies including skin sensitivities. Everyone’s skin is different and it’s possible to be allergic to anything. Reactions to products, medical conditions, reasons equipment cannot be used or any reason for which we cannot perform the services it is the responsibility of the client to inform the artist/stylist fully. This enables us to adapt the service provided to ensure the products and equipment are compatible with the client using the aforementioned information provided by the client. 

Products used at the time of the trial will be used again on the day of the event. Liability is not held by the stylist/make-up artist or company for any adverse reactions to products used hence cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to adverse reactions to products used. Patch test for any products can be arranged and charged according to the agreed fee.

Photography, media and social media. 

The company reserve right of copyright of any images taken by the artist/stylist/company. Permission of use of images will be obtained as a verbal agreement between the client and the company. The company will not post any images on the company social media channels until after the event and the client has given verbal permission. The company will not post prior to the event in order to not spoil any event for the client. The company may also use images to promote the services provided by the company. 


The Company  shall/will not be liable to the client for any delay in in services, financial loss or failure to perform any of its obligations under these terms and conditions which is due to any cause beyond its control and which is unknown to, and cannot reasonably be anticipated by Karen Chesters Hair and Make Up artist  including without limitation fire, floor or catastrophe, plague, acts of God, insurrection, workforce action, war or riots, (an “Event of Force Majeure”) Karen Chesters Hair and Make Up artist  and obligations under these terms and conditions shall be suspended for so long as the Event of Force Majeure continues and to the extent that it is so delayed.



Cancellations on for the event and for the trial.
Sadly cancellations do happen. If, as a client you have the unfortunate circumstance you must cancel your booking, to avoid any cancellation fees all cancellations must be made at the earliest convenience. Cancellation fees are charged at the amounts specified by the company as follows:-

100% of the event cost 2 weeks before the event date.
75% of the event cost 4 weeks before the event date. 

Trials can be cancelled by the client at any time, however, a trial cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged for at the agreed trial rate.


Cancellations by the company due to circumstances including, but not limited to, problems affecting the company performance of their obligations where no other suitable alternative can be arranged, a full refund of the deposit will be given to the client. No further compensation will be offered. If the booking is directly affected by circumstances beyond the control of the company including but not limited to weather conditions, safety reasons, where possible the company will endeavour to rectify such situations, however, no compensation will be offered on the company part. It is strongly advised that you take out wedding or event insurance to cover you against these situations. 

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