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Bridal FAQ's.

Do I need a trial?

For all brides we would not take on the wedding without the bride having a trial.

What do I need at my trial?

If you are having your hair done, we suggest that you do have your hair accessories with you at the time of the trial. Without these the hairstyle can look unbalanced and not finished. 

How long does a trial take?

This does depend on your booking, if you are having hair, make up or both. We will advise you once your trial is booked. However please note that trials can sometimes take longer than on the day as we like to take time to ensure the look is perfect for you. 

How many looks do you create at the time of the trial?
We do a maximum of 1 look plus tweak for another look. Should you need more looks we recommend you book a further trial. 

Do my bridesmaids have to have a trial?

This isn’t necessary, but we can arrange it for you if required. 


I have sensitive skin, can I have my make up done?

Yes we can work through with you and use the best products for your skin. If there is any product or brand that causes issues, we won’t use it. 

Can I have lashes?

Yes certainly we can apply them when we create your look. 

When do I have to wash my hair?

For bridal hair and updo’s it is advisable to wash your hair and dry thoroughly dry your hair the night before as the style will stay in better. For blow dries it is best to wash it on the morning and not to put any styling products on the hair. 

How much time will it take on the morning?

We will give you a timing plan for the morning. If you are having photographs taken and need us to stop working, please let us know so we can allow extra time to allow for this. 

Who do you do first on the day? 
We usually do the rest of the bridal party first. This allows the bride to delegate jobs later. It also gives the bride time before she leaves to sit and relax and get her thoughts together before she walks down the aisle. 

What time do you finish on the day?

We usually leave around an hour before your ceremony unless you have a distance to travel. But we can talk about this at the time of your trial.

Will my hair and make up last?
Karen and the team have the skillset and will use products to ensure your look will last. 

To book with you, do I need to pay a non-refundable booking fee? 

With all bookings we do require a non-refundable booking fee. 

Is the non-refundable booking fee an extra cost?

No, the non-refundable booking fee is deducted off your final balance. 

If I want to book will my date be secured?

Once your non-refundable booking fee has been received your booking is finalised and your date will be secured and finalised. 

How long do you hold my date for? 
Your date for is held for 3 days. Sadly without a non refundable booking fee we cannot hold dates indefinitely.

When do I have my bridal hair/beauty trial?
Usually your trial is  booked  about 4-8 weeks before your wedding day, Some brides prefer to book sooner, for peace of mind..

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