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Bridal Hair Guide

Bridal Hair Guide for all future brides who don’t know where to start. I am sure you will agree with Marilyn Monroe when she said, “A woman's hair is her crowning glory." The best way to wear your hair on your wedding day is the way that makes you feel most confident and beautiful. You will want to look back at your photos and think how beautiful you looked. We all know we feel rubbish when we have a bad hair day. This is the last thing you want on such a special day because as a bride you will want to look like a princess on my wedding day! Radiantly walk down the aisle to the admiration of all your family, friends. And take the breath away of your partner when you meet them at the end of the aisle. And after all the best way to keep your hair looking great on your wedding day is to have it done by a professional. With professional knowledge and skills your hair style can last the whole day and evening. A bride's hair is like a work of art - it deserves the best possible treatment.

As a bridal specialist since 1997 it is with pride, we support all our brides on their journey. From the time of booking, trial and of course during the bridal prep on the big day. For which we aim with the perfect hairstyle, not to just make her feel like a princess but once we have fitted her tiara she is crowned “Queen of the day”. This is your day to be spoiled and pampered, so enjoy every minute

Pre-Styling Guides.

Starting with the consultation process and looking at inspo pics. We analyse the photos and the bride’s hair in comparison to the photos. It is our job then to create a plan to transform the bride’s hair as accurately as possible to what she is hoping for. However, photos of models should be viewed as "inspirations" and not a direct copy. It is totally impossible to copy a photo of another person’s hair. As they hair a different hair length, texture, and colour. But we do endeavour to check with the bride at each step to get the similar style which is suited to her face shape and hair.

When choosing your hair style, keep your face shape in mind, length, colour, and texture of your hair. This does have a bearing on how your hair will look compared to your inspo pics. The best way to achieve the look you want on your wedding day is to start planning your hair style early on. You can then ensure your hair is cut at the right length and the colour is how you want it to be on the big day. It also gives you time to get extensions fitted, should you need them.

“Boho waves are perfect for a natural, relaxed bride. This style is perfect for the girl who wants a stylish casual look. Updo styles are perfect for brides with lots of detailing on the back of the dress. Whether your hair is long or short, curly, or straight, there is a hairstyle to suit you and make you feel like a million dollars on your big day. And sometimes with bridal hairstyling, it can make you look like you have more hair than you have, using all the professional techniques.

So what do you have to do with your hair at your trial and on the big day? For all bridal hair wash your hair the day before your trial or big day. Your hair style will last longer. Dry your style as normal and let your stylist do the rest. Ensure you have your tiara and veil at the time of your trial. Allow plenty of time for your trial. Trials should never be rushed and can take longer than on the big day.


The veil is optional, but the smile is mandatory

The veil is the perfect finishing touch for any bridal look.

It can add softness, elegance and style.

When choosing a veil think of where you will wear it.

Long cathedral style veil is better fitted on the crown of the head. Due to the length and weight of the veil on the hair.

A shorter veil can also be fitted at the back lower into the neck. Securing veils with bobby pins over the top of the slide will ensure they don't fall out.


Tiaras come in many different shapes and designs. The list is endless. If you have a tiara that is like a half crown style and is quite tall in the centre apex, you will need some height in your hair on top. This is so the tiara looks balanced and not just “plonked” on the head.

If you have a slide these can look great at the back of the head or on the side with some hair pinned back on the same side. In summary it is best to pic a style you are comfortable with. Alongside your hair accessories. There is nothing worse than spending the day with hair feeling tight or you tiara digging in your head. If this happens during fitting mention it to the stylist. As you do not want to end up with a headache by the time you get to your ceremony. If you want further advise about your bridal hair drop us a message We are happy to assist with your enquiries.



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