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Childrens cuts and trims.

A child's haircut is usually a milestone in their life. It's an important rite of passage that marks a child's transition to another stage of development.The first haircut is a big deal for parents and children alike, so it is important to choose the right salon for your little one's first cut.Ideally, you want to find a salon with stylists who specialize in children’s hair cuts. These stylists are trained to work with kids and know how to keep them calm while they’re getting their hair cut.

Kids Cuts

  • Children's hair differs from adults in many ways: it is thicker, softer, and more fragile than adult hair; the scalp is more sensitive and susceptible to irritation; and the neck muscles are not developed enough to support the weight of heavy long hair. These differences mean that children need a different kind of haircut than an adult would receive.

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