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Karen the manager says....Why is skin care so important for brides?

Skin care is sometimes overlooked as we live our busy lives. It so easy when you are in a hurry to be rushing around, getting the kids ready to do the school, putting that last load in the washing machine whilst throwing a coffee down your throat and eating that slice of toast on the go. Planning your wedding, scheduling meetings with vendors, forgetting to get the gifts for the bridesmaids, rebooking your dress fitting for the third time, checking your budget and bank account. It all can be so overwhelming and stressful and It is quite often we put our needs last and forget the things that are simple but equally vital to how we look and feel. Self-care along your bridal journey is the absolute MUST to enable you to breeze down the aisle. If you are in the shower or just about wash your face and brush your teeth, maybe it’s time to change to ensure you are the glowing and blushing bride on your big day. Skincare and prioritising yourself, when you start the day can have a fundamental effect on how you feel and how you look. By having a great skincare routine before your big day ensures your look will last all day long. It helps with skin cell regeneration alongside protects the skin from environmental pollutants and emissions especially, at this time of year when we have all been inside during the winter and the pandemic. We use a lot more central heating which can have dehydrating effects on our skin. The pandemic has also been an incredible stressful time, alongside planning a major event like a wedding. Stress can also have an adverse effect on our bodies and tell on our faces. Moving into spring and summer we all love the lighter sunnier days. By using skin care products with SPF it will help protect your skin from UV rays from the sun helping to prevent ageing and wrinkles. A good skin care routine should be done as early in life as possible. Personally, I started seeing fine lines appearing in my early 20's.

So what is a good skin care routine?

A good skin care routine is taking care of your skin to enable you to glow on the outside as well as helping your inner beauty shine through. The routine should be done both morning and night daily especially if you have not done it before and are going to have your make up done on your big day. In the morning it is a good base for make up. It helps make- up to last longer and helps give that flawless base.

In an evening it helps removes any dirt, grime and make up residue so clears the pores and helps skin to "breath" When you sleep the body repairs itself. This is also the same for the skin which is the biggest organ on your body. By removing your make up at night it helps the skin to rejuvenate itself which reduces fine lines and wrinkles as well as helping you not to leave your dirty make up print on your pillow cases.

What is involved in a good skin care daily routine? Cleanse Both in a morning and in an evening before bed you should use a cleanse to cleanse your face including your eyes and lips. A cleanser is designed to take away dirt and start to open and unblock the pores. Once you have cleansed clear away with clean water. Tone.

A toner is designed to close the pores. By closing the pores it helps protect the skin from future clogging and pollutants. Moisturisers.

A good moisturiser is worth its weight in gold. It helps protect the skin from ageing and smooths out any fines lines and wrinkles. It also protects from UV rays if it contains an SPF. Apply it morning and night for best results. Weekly deep cleanse.

Once or twice a week you can also use face masks and exfoliators to give the skin a deep cleanse although some products these days are gentle enough to be used daily however in this article we are sticking to the basics. Exfoliators- these are usually made with ground up seeds inside the product. The ground up seeds acts as an abrasive and removed dead skin cells. They also help the blood circulate to the surface when applied to the skin. Blood is full of the nutrients needed to feed the skin and therefore, the oxygen rich blood helps with the skin cells leaving the surface of the skin glowing with a polished feel.

Face Masks.

There are many types of face masks in the market from gels, to setting masks and more. The key to using a face mask is for a deeper cleanse but some can also rebalance, rehydrate and soothe the skin dependent on their ingredients. Of course there are other products, such as serums, primers and a whole array on the market but this is all about the basics and un- complicated so it is easy to fit into your day to day routine of life.

If you need any further help with your skincare get in touch and ask Karen the manager a question.


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